St. Anthony: The Patron Saint Who Guides Those Seeking Something Lost

St. Anthony: The Patron Saint Who Guides Those Seeking Something LostHave you ever spoken outloud - essentially talking to yourself with questions like, "Where did I place those keys?" or "I'm lost and need a sign to find my way back to the main road."  Many believe intervention can be achieved by placing a reverent prayer to St. Anthony. 

There are a lot of stories of how patron Saint Anthony became the guide when seeking assistance in⁣ finding and purchasing a new home. Saint Anthony, known as ⁤the ⁣patron saint of lost items, is also often invoked for help.

In biblical thought, San Antonio,  as he's also known, existed approximately in 1195.  As with all Saints, he, too, lived a life of devotion and sacrifice.  Most known for finding lost items and returning these valuable items to their rightful owner.  

In real estate, it's more common to hear about St. Joseph, one who hears the seller's prayer for a quick and solid sale.  St. Anthony has the same prayerful power to assist buyers in helping them find a home that is ideal for their needs.  On that thought, sellers and real estate agents alike will place a St. Joseph in the ground, buried head first with feet to the sky and facing the home.  A prayer is spoken and with trust, a buyer will soon arrive.

With an open mind, anyone is welcome to appreciate the power of prayer, the need of strength from an unknown source and belief that answers are just around the corner.  
Finding a suitable home can prove to be a challenging and complicated task for many individuals.

This is where the strength of prayer steps in, and St. Anthony — the patron saint of lost things — comes to the rescue. If you’re in need of a new home, you can seek comfort and support by reciting several different prayers to St. Anthony to find a home.  They will also help you to have money to afford your dream home!

Here is one to try:


"Dear St. Anthony, I pray to you today to ask for your help.  I need to find a home for my family but it hasn't been easy.  So, I ask you to guide me to a suitable place to call our home.  Amen"

Whatever your beliefs, it's the privilege of each of us to have a choice.  

I'm interested in buying...

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