Rules of Home Staging: Add a Splash of Color

Rules of Home Staging:  Add a Splash of ColorWhen it comes to preparing a home for sale, the traditional advice of using neutral color schemes remains effective. Opting for white or pale hues creates a sense of simplicity, serenity, and spaciousness. These unobtrusive colors serve as a blank canvas, allowing potential buyers to envision themselves living in the home. However, homeowners who already have colorful walls or furniture may wonder if it's possible to incorporate some color into their staged home. The answer is yes, it is indeed possible. You can maintain or even introduce a pop of color to add the right amount of personality and style to your staging. In fact, a splash of color can make a space feel well-designed and leave a lasting impression on prospective buyers. Additionally, color can enhance the brightness of your listing photos. It's important to note that you should add color only after completing the initial stages of home staging, which involve decluttering and refreshing the space. Here's a strategic plan for incorporating color into each room of your staged home:

1. Brighten the living room: Use throw pillows to add a burst of color. Choose pillows that complement the sofa and the room's overall aesthetic. You can opt for a bright contrast, such as royal blue against white, or bright yellow on a beige sofa. Patterned, floral, solid, or metallic pillows are all acceptable choices. The key is to select colors or combinations that add visual interest without overwhelming the room. Another budget-friendly way to infuse color is by color-coordinating your display shelves. Arrange books of the same color or combinations of colors together to transform a shelf or accent table.

2. Bring a splash of color to the kitchen: Look for opportunities to add pops of color on surfaces like countertops, open shelves, or the stovetop. Avoid introducing clutter but consider replacing neutral items like a teakettle, dish towel, or cookie jar with tastefully colorful alternatives. Highlighting colorful seating options, such as bright bar stools or dining chairs, can also enliven the kitchen. For both photos and open houses, a simple bowl of fruit in a single color, like all green or all red apples, can add a warm touch.

3. Create a calm bedroom: A well-staged bedroom should exude a relaxing hotel room ambiance, with minimal personal items on display. Pale or white bedding and minimal accessories contribute to a soothing atmosphere. However, you can still incorporate a color or two. The bed wall is an ideal place to feature a different hue that complements the neutral bedding. For example, white or ivory bedding looks sophisticated against a navy wall, while a soothing aqua or pale blue painted wall can freshen up a dark space and make it more inviting. Adding a mirror to the painted bed wall enhances the room's elegance and tranquility. Consider using colored throw pillows or one colorful piece of accent furniture to introduce subtle drama, as long as it doesn't detract from the room's size and relaxing ambiance.

4. Bathrooms are suitable for color: A clean and fresh bathroom is essential to impress prospective buyers. Crisp white towels and a sparkling shower or tub go a long way in brightening up an outdated or worn bathroom. Surprisingly, adding a little color to the walls can also enhance the space. If your bathroom still feels dull after cleaning and updating, consider painting one or more walls in a classic or fresh color. This can add style, conceal aging walls, and divert attention from outdated features. Classic colors like navy or charcoal gray can create a striking contrast with white towels or make white tiles appear brighter. Alternatively, a refreshing color like pale aqua can evoke a clean water palette, resulting in a soothing atmosphere. Avoid non-soothing bright colors like orange or emerald green for bathroom walls, as they don't contribute to a serene or clean feeling.

5. Dress up your exterior: Finally, accentuating the exterior of your home with a burst of color adds curb appeal. Painting your front door and shutters in a color that coordinates with the rest of the house can make a significant difference. Classic and vibrant colors like red, green, and blue work well, especially when paired with planters and colorful flowers. Consider the season when choosing flowers and additional splashes of color. Red tulips are fantastic for spring, while orange and yellow can provide a sunny glow in the fall.

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