On Your Market, Get Set, Go!

You've decided to "look at just a few homes" that you're considering buying, maybe get familiar with the community.  You know, kind of window shopping from the back seat of your favorite Realtor's car.  How difficult can it be?  Give a quick call from agent to agent, seller gets out for a bit while you stroll through with a judge-y eye and critique their living space.  Forget for a moment the "why are the ceilings so low?" or "the backyard is so blah" rattling around in your head. Let's talk about making your tour happen without any hiccups. Here's our side of the day's events:

Collect the addresses you've shared and confirm the availability via MLS (occupied or vacant).  Place in order or location. 
Begin scheduling appointments via instructions (call agent directly/call owner directly/showing service). 
Mark the ones who have confirmed
Revisit the ones unconfirmed
Cull the ones who are not available during your showing time. 
Share your list with the buyers. 
Add the new list the buyers have asked to include. 
Repeat the above steps
Remind buyers seeing more than 10 homes in a day becomes a little fuzzy.  

On Your Market, Get Set, Go!

All the yards begin to look the same.  Which one was it that was two story or had the big tire swing in the oak tree?  After a while, the only ones that remain clear in your mind is the smelly one and the one who's pictures were so doctored, you're sure you weren't at the right home. 

This is why we like to give you a travel packet when you trustingly hop in the back seat.  Inside the packet contains an itinerary.  With it is a directional map of each home on the tour in the order and hour we plan to see.  A pen and paper for note taking.  Lastly, we include in our nightly prayers no one wakes to cancellations by either party.  Take a peek at our House Hunting Checklist that may bring a bit of ease to the day instead of taking pen to palm. There's a significant amount of work and communication for your Realtor to ensure your home shopping day goes smoothly and memorable and we're here for it! Happy Hunting!  HOUSE_HUNTING_CHECKLIST.pdf

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