Analyzing the Austin Real Estate Market: January 2024 Statistics

  • Analyzing the Austin Real Estate Market: January 2024 Statistics
  • In January 2024, the Austin real estate market continued to showcase its resilience and attractiveness to both buyers and sellers. Let's delve into the key statistics that defined the market dynamics during this period

Median Price:

The median price for homes in Austin stood at $429,495 in January 2024, reflecting the ongoing demand and value of properties in the area.

Days on the Market:

On average, homes in Austin spent 85 days on the market before being sold, indicating a balanced pace of transactions and opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

Days on Average: 

With an average of 38 days to close, the process of finalizing real estate transactions in Austin remained efficient and timely for parties involved.

Total Days On Market:

Homes in Austin had a total of 123 days on the market, showcasing the importance of strategic pricing and marketing strategies in achieving successful sales.

Housing Inventory:

The market had 3.0 months of housing inventory available in January 2024, representing a slight increase of 0.4 months compared to the same period last year. This indicates a healthy balance between supply and demand in the market.

Listings Sold Price:

Listings in Austin sold for 92.7% of their list price, highlighting the competitiveness and negotiation dynamics present in the market.

Median House Size:

The median house size in Austin was 1,869 square feet, catering to a diverse range of preferences and needs among potential buyers.

Overall, the January 2024 real estate market statistics in Austin reflect a dynamic and resilient market environment, offering opportunities for both buyers and sellers to engage in transactions that align with their goals and preferences. Stay tuned for further insights and updates on the evolving real estate landscape in Austin.

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